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Little Explorers Outdoor Exploration Kit Adventure Set for Kids | Premium Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Magnifying Glass, Whistle & Backpack. Great Gift Set for Camping, Hiking, and Exploring.

January 16, 2020 - Comment

KIDS OUTDOOR EXPLORATION SET INCLUDES Children Binoculars-5×30 Adjustable Professional Binoculars for kids.-Measures 4 ½” in length suitable for ages 3 and up.-Shockproof rubber for resilience against falls.-Interpupillary distance: 70mm – 85mm, flexible adjust. LED Flashlight-Manual Crank LED Flashlight with no batteries required.-Slide On/Off switch for lights.-2 LED lights Compass-Made with liquid-filled design for optimal accuracy.-Compass

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Children Binoculars
-5×30 Adjustable Professional Binoculars for kids.
-Measures 4 ½” in length suitable for ages 3 and up.
-Shockproof rubber for resilience against falls.
-Interpupillary distance: 70mm – 85mm, flexible adjust.

LED Flashlight
-Manual Crank LED Flashlight with no batteries required.
-Slide On/Off switch for lights.
-2 LED lights

-Made with liquid-filled design for optimal accuracy.
-Compass is waterproof and shakeproof.
-Can be used to learn the basics of direction and orienteering on a map.

Magnifying Glass
-Magnifying Glass | 3x Magnification
-2 ½ inch diameter perfect for examining plants, flowers, rocks, and bugs.

-Can be used to draw attention when lost.
-Great to take with you when camping, or nature exploring.
-Comes with a Nylon Cord to be worn around your neck.

Drawstring Bag
-Adjustable drawstring bag for simple storage
-Great and convenient for carrying large amounts of items and keeping items in one place.

Lifetime Warranty-If you are not satisfied with our Outdoor Exploration Kit, return it for a full refund. If you do not love it, we will buy it back from you, no questions asked!

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Product Features

  • ✔️GREAT 6 IN 1 GIFT SET – that promotes outside play. Get the Little Explorers premium exploration set that is great for children who love the outdoors. This outdoor explorer set comes with a backpack for easy carrying. Terrific for bird watching, sport games, nature walks, and exploring the wilderness.
  • ✔️PROFESSIONAL 5×30 BINOCULARS FOR KIDS- for your viewing pleasure. Soft and premium rubber eyepieces for sensitive eye area. Made with premium shockproof rubber around the sides for resilience from accidental drops. Neck strap included for easy carry. Perfect for bird watching, sports games, and nature explorations.
  • ✔️LED Flashlight – equipped with 2 bright LEDS. Simple and Easy to use hand crank function so no need for batteries. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use for children of any age.
  • ✔️LENSATIC COMPASS – for learning the basics of direction. Liquid-filled design provides for a quicker and more accurate reading. Pocket size that includes an high impact case, and hang tab to keep it on a belt, backpack, or keychain.
  • ✔️MAGNIFYING GLASS AND WHISTLE – 3x magnification for examining insects, plants, flowers, rocks, and so much more! Perfect for camping trips, and nature explorations. Fox whistle that is great for hiking, sports, and safety locator. Comes with a Nylon Cord to be able to be worn around the neck for quick access.

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